3rd Learning Tango Summer Festival: Our Teachers

Guest Maestros: Jenny and Ricardo

We're very pleased to host our special guest star maestros Jenny and Ricardo, our favourite tango teachers, and in our opinion, the best tango teaching couple in the UK.

Learning Tango Teachers: David and Ann

Learning Tango teachers: David and Ann will take a "Tango In A Morning" workshop on Saturday morning, for new starters and people wanting to review core technique.

Special Guest Maestros: Jenny and Ricardo

About Jenny and Ricardo

Jenny and Ricardo Oria are a talented, authentic and inspiring Argentine Tango couple. Their performances have been described as elegant, pristine, glowing, full of warmth, spectacular, engaging, joyful, spellbinding and with deep simplicities.

Jenny and Ricardo teach and dance "Tango de Salón"; tango for the dance floor. Each tango dance is moved and inspired by the music and the subtle yet powerful conversation within the embrace.

They have been based in Edinburgh since 2002, teaching regular classes and helping to develop the Edinburgh tango community. Alongside this, they are often to be found in different cities, teaching workshops and doing performances for lots of different tango groups in the UK, Europe and also in Argentina.

Jenny and Ricardo at our Festival

Jenny and Ricardo will teach multiple workshops throughout the festival, at all levels. In addition, they will put on an exclusive performance at our Summer Ball on Saturday.

So don't delay, Book tickets now!.

Performance Videos:

Learning Tango Teachers David and Ann

About David and Ann

David and Ann have taught Argentine Tango in London and surrounding areas for over 8 years. They have learnt from many popular UK and international Tango teachers, including (of course) Jenny and Ricardo, Kicca Tomassi and Giraldo Diomar. Their Learning Tango school focusses on allowing students to learn in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere, whilst teaching the key concepts of connection, embrace, walk and musicality.

Apart from hosting the Summer Festival, David and Ann also run regular weekly classes, workshops and other events.

David and Ann at our Festival

For the first time, we'll run an intensive "Tango In A Morning" course on Saturday to get you "match-fit" for the festival!