Chilterns Tango Weekender: Our Teachers

We're very pleased to host two sets of international Tango teachers and two sets of local teachers for the Chilterns Weekender.

Junior Cervila and Guadalupe Garcia

Junior Cervila and Guadalupe Garcia are two of the world’s greatest Argentine Tango dancers and teachers. After distinguished individual histories, they have been dancing and teaching together worldwide for several years now.

About Junior Cervila

Junior Cervila has been called "the Gene Kelly of Latin Dance".

Born in Brazil and based in Buenos Aires, his extensive professional history includes:

  • Performing on Broadway for the show "Tango Argentino", and in the Academy Award-nominated film "Tango" by Carlos Saura.
  • Touring worldwide with the shows of Julio Iglesias.
  • Developed leading roles in the musicals "Tanguera", "Piazzolla Tango" and "Tangorama".

From 2014-2016, Junior was the choreographer of "Piazzolla Tango" and "Tango Porteño", two of the most prominent tango shows in Buenos Aires. He is a leading judge at the Tango World Championship finals in Buenos Aires.

About Guadalupe Garcia

Guadalupe was born in Argentina, and started dancing when she was 5 years old, achieving a degree as an Argentine dance teacher at 18.

She has performed in many tango shows in Buenos Aires, including Complejo Tango, Michelangelo, Taconeando, Piazzolla Tango, Gala Tango and Tango Porteño. She has also toured to America, Europe and Asia with the Ballet de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Mora Godoy's Tango Company, Juan Corvalán's Tangomalambo's Company, and Roberto Herrera's Company.

Thierry and Denise Giardiola

About Denise and Thierry

This Franco-Argentinean couple have taught elegant and fluid Tango in osmosis with music (Tango Salon style) over the last 11 years in the South of France.

They are invited often to participate of tango meetings and festivals around the world.

Their strong point is their superb and highly-developed teaching method, which helps them to bring their pupils to dance at an excellent level, based on a structured, progressive and effective pedagogy.

Their style is characterized by a perceptible refinement in the elegance of the walk, the addition of ornaments and the use of fluid figures, requiring an elaborate technique

David Bailey and Ann Salmon

About David and Ann

David and Ann have taught Argentine Tango in London and surrounding areas for over 10 years. They have learnt from many popular UK and international Tango teachers, including (of curse) Junior and Guada, Jenny and Ricardo Oria, Kicca Tomassi and Giraldo Diomar.

Their Learning Tango school focusses on allowing students to learn in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere, whilst teaching the key concepts of connection, embrace, walk and musicality.

Apart from hosting the Summer Festival, David and Ann also run regular weekly classes, workshops and other events.

Marc Forster and Rachel Pears

About Marc and Rachel

Marc & Rachel have been partner dancing since the 1990s, and have been partners for nearly 20 years. They are both fabulous dancers, teachers, and event hosts, and are most well known for hosting Ceroc dance nights in and around Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

Marc and Rachel started learning Argenine Tango 10 years ago, and have been passionate advocates for Tango in the dance world ever since then

They teach weekly Wednesday classes at Kings Community Centre in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, plus regular intensive workshops and classes, teaching at weekenders across the country to share their love of this dance.