Workshop: Tango Vals, Sunday 25th Feb 2018, Berkhamsted

3pm - 6pm, The Dance Studio, Fitness Society, 172 - 176 High Street, Berkhamsted HP4 3AP.

Teachers: Ann and David

Tango Vals ("Tango Waltz") is a fabulous, flowing, romantic dance, danced to 3/4 Waltz music, with Vals music commonly played at tango social events.

On Sunday 25th February, we're running a specialist workshop on this lovely and expressive dance style, focussing on feeling, rhythm, and rotation-based steps, creating gorgeous and expressive movements (see schedule for details).


To reserve a place on one or more workshops, please contact David Bailey: Call 07767 784238 or email


To guarantee a space on this workshop, book online now.

Ticket type

Cost: £30 per person, £50 per couple.

Alternatively, click here to reserve a space, or call David on 07767 784238 - please mention whether you're booking for one person or a couple.

The Schedule

The schedule is as follows:

We'll have 15-minute breaks between sessions, to rest, practice, or ask any questions.