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About us

Teachers: David and Ann

David has been partner dancing for 25 years, focussing exclusively on Argentine Tango since 2004. David has learnt from many popular UK and international Tango teachers, including Kicca Tomassi, Giraldo Diomar, Ricardo Oria, and others. Ann has been dancing Argentine Tango for 8 years, and has an extensive background in ballet and ballroom dancing, and has been teaching with David for the past 5 years.

Our Learning Tango style of teaching is designed to allow people to dance Tango in a friendly, unhurried and fun manner. We focus on connection, embrace, and enjoyment of this dance we both love.


Here is a selection of testimonials from Learning Tango students.

  • "Having tried many different places teaching Argentine Tango I find David and Ann's lessons to be the most rewarding and instructive. For any beginner and intermediate person keen to improve you cannot find a better class to go to."
    ~ Richard
  • "Starting as complete beginners, Maggie and I have attended lessons given by David and Ann for about a year. The instruction and in particular the guidance and encouragement have been most helpful - thankyou David."
    ~ Richard & Maggie
  • "I'm far from being a "natural", but David has been just the Tango teacher I've needed for the last quarter of a decade! As well as being an expert on his subject, he is an expert in helping and encouraging his students... unfailingly friendly, patient and encouraging."
    ~ Chris, Houghton Regis.
  • "David's obvious passion for all aspects of Tango comes through in his creative and innovative teaching style."
  • "Ann and David - eureka! well it's been a long time coming but it's finally happened! In today's class it all started to click in place and I finally understand the draw of tango dancing! It's been hard work and a lot of patience from you both but I so enjoyed today's class! Thank you to you both" ~ Lorna
  • "We have really enjoyed our private Argentine Tango lessons with David and Ann. The lessons are a brilliant way of giving you confidence to dance socially. David and Ann have been very patient with us and make the lesson so enjoyable that the hour just flies by." ~ Amanda and Andrew