Sunday 7th April 2024: Tango Milonga workshop

2pm - 5pm, Warners End Community Centre, Northridge Way, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP1 3QG

This workshop covers aspects of dancing Tango Milonga; the exciting, fast-moving, rhythm-based cousin to Argentine Tango. Tango Milonga is a fabulous dance style, it allows you to express your musicality and still perform some gorgeous movements with your partner.

Our intensive 3-hour Tango Milonga workshop will cover these themes:

For each theme, we'll develop and use some stylish movements and decorations, for both leaders and followers.

We'll have 15-minute breaks between sessions, to rest, practice, or ask any questions.


Alternatively, contact David on 07767 784238, or Email

Cost: £40 per person or £65 per couple.


Teachers: Ann and David

Session 1: Milonga Musicality

Overview: Introducing, recognising and moving to Milonga music

Milonga music is typically faster than tango music, and traditional milonga music is characterised by a characteristic rhythm - "ba-bam, bam, bam". The feeling of Milonga is also more "fun" than tango, typically.

The good news is, it's fairly easy to get started with - step on every (down) beat, take small steps, keep it simple, and you'll be OK. The bad news is, it's typically a much faster rhythm, so you'll need to move quickly and lead / follow correctly, all the time; there are no real chances to pause in milonga.

Session 2: Milonga Liso

Overview: Step variations, improvisation and decorations.

We'll work on some simple but exciting movements done to a Milonga Liso tempo, including:

Session 3: Milonga Con Traspie

Overview: Introducing the habanera beat, and using traspie movements to this beat.

"Traspie" basically means "triple step"; taking a walking step with a cross-step or weight transfer in the middle, to interpret the music. So instead of walking two steps to every 3 beats (as in the first session), you're walking three steps, in a "Q-Q-S" pattern.

We'll look at how to employ and enjoy that musical interpretation, including changing tempo between liso and traspie.

The venue

Warners End Community Centre, Northridge Way, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP1 3QG

It's a good, spacious hall, with a decent floor, and plenty of on-site parking.