Tango Corporate Events

Our corporate events can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Whether looking for novel or a fun icebreaker class for your company's Christmas party, or team-building events for your group, we can provide tailored packages to suit your organization's requirements and budgets.

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"Taste Of Tango" - icebreaker events

"We found the tango workshop fabulous fun and easy to learn. You pitched it perfectly for beginners, and your fabulous demonstration gave us something to aspire to!" - Berkhamsted Chiropractic

Our "Taste of Tango" sessions are a great way to give a quick and fun introduction to Argentine Tango to your organization, company or club. Kick off your corporate occasion with an ice-breaker tango class!

We can host these events in one of several dedicated dance venues, or we can come to your own location if required. We can also arrange for snacks or celebratory / relaxing drinks!

These sessions can be tailored to meet your requirements, but a standard 90-minute session includes a demonstration, a fun lesson, and some social dancing to practice, so that all attendees will have experience of dancing Argentine Tango.

Tango Team-Building

Tango team building is a great way for you to get to know your co-workers, communicating and connecting through dance, and avoiding more aggressive or outdoors-y events which can sometimes feel alienating.

Argentine tango requires each person must develop trust and connection with their partner to make it work, and can involve the whole group in this communication exercise.

Our team-building packages focus on helping develop connection and enhancing communication through dance, and providing a fun and inclusive environment for groups in your organization.

We can host team-building events in a hotel with a dedicated dance venue, or we can come to your own organization's venue if required.

These sessions can be tailored to meet your requirements, but we usually recommend either a half-day or full-day package in a hotel, to ensure attendees get the most benefit from the event. We will provide videos and photos to accompany the event.

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