Tango for your wedding dance

""Having some lessons with Ann and David in the run up to our wedding helped boost our confidence for the big day.

We didn't want a highly choreographed or complicated dance, and their advice our guidance was just what we needed!"

~ Alice & Dave


You want to make your first wedding dance special and memorable, to music that means something to both of you, expressing your commitment to each other, and of course also wow-ing your guests! You also want to enjoy your dance, without needing to spend endless hours learning and worrying about remembering complex choreography.

The good news is, Argentine Tango is ideal for these purposes! Argentine Tango is a dance combining intimacy, connection and style, and can be danced to a wide range of music.

We will work with you to ensure your first dance is memorable and fun, so that you enjoy the occasion, not dread it!. It doesn't matter if you've never danced before; we'll help you to impress your guests, and have fun doing so.

If you are planning 6 months in advance, or if your wedding's next week, we can always help you have a great first dance, and feel confident in doing so.

Dancing should always emphasize the connection between partners. Couples learning to dance together also learn to communicate better, so dancing gives you both a lovely opportunity to connect with each other. It's not just a chore!

~ David and Ann

Packages available

Each of these standard wedding packages includes:

  • Personal consultation and assistance regarding your goals, and help selecting music if required.
  • Personal tuition for leaders and followers
  • Help with musical selection and choreography
  • A clear set of goals for your dance.
  • Notes and help for practice.

Of course, the longer you have to prepare and practice, the better. We offer you a range of packages to match your schedule and budget.

Note: Prices charged are based on teaching at our regular venue in Berkhamsted on Sundays, teaching at other locations or times may incur extra hall hire costs.

Bronze - basics

This package provides you with a basic set of tuition, so that you can quickly learn a few basic movements. The bronze package will allow you to dance with your partner in comfort during the occasion.

Two private classes.

Ideal if you are limited in time / budget.

Bronze package: £100.

Silver - standard

This package provides you with a more enhanced set of tuition, allowing you to:

  • Master a wider range of movements, and improvise your own movements.
  • Dance a wider range of Argentine Tango steps.
  • Use basic "entrance" and "exit" choreography.
  • Improvise your own movements.

The silver package will allow you to dance with your partner in comfort, with some choreography, and will be pleasant both visually for your guests, and for yourselves.

Four private classes.

Ideal if you want a solid and enjoyable experience.

Silver package: £180.

Gold - deluxe!

This package provides you with a full range of tuition, allowing you to:

  • Dance all the key movements within Argentine Tango.
  • Use both "entrance" and "exit" choreography, with at least one mid-dance choreographed movement,
  • Confidently improvise your own movements and decorations to the music.
  • Deliver a spectacular and fulfilling dance with your partner, impressing your wedding guests

Six private classes.

Ideal if you want to create a unique and special experience for your memories.

Gold package: £250.

Other offerings

Custom package - total tailored experience

The custom package is your own tailor-made learning and dancing experience, allowing you to design your own package to create your very own personalized wedding dance experience.

This package is ideal if you want to learn to dance on an ongoing basis, as well as for your wedding dance.

Custom package cost: varies, depending on requirements.

Contact us for more details.

Wedding Group Lessons

If you're looking for some more unusual entertainment for your wedding guests, why not arrange a tango class for the day?

Our "taste of tango" classes are ideal icebreakers for weddings, are suitable for all ages and levels, and can lead quite nicely into your own wedding dance later on.

Wedding Lesson cost: £50 / hour + travel expenses.

Our Location

Lessons are normally taught in a specialized dance studio in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, typically on Sundays.

We have a number of other venues in London and the South East we can use, and we are happy to visit you in your own home to teach also.

Note: for classes taught in other venues, additional room hire costs may be incurred.

Contact us for more details.